Yes, I won an iPad on Twitter

Many people will open an iPad for Christmas this year. I was fortunate to win one(!) via a Twitter contest hosted by Parallels. Long story short, I'm a lucky guy. My wife reminds me of this often.

Parallels also gave me some free software that I'll be reviewing in a future blog post. More on that later...

I thought it'd be fun to record a short video unboxing the iPad like many of the great gadget sites on the Interwebs. I'm pretty sure I nailed none of the technical specifications of the device, not like that matters. The iPad has been sliced and diced and reviewed thousands of times already and for good reason. It rocks! In just the past day I've found that I much prefer it my laptop for reading news and blogs and general internet browsing. Of course, the heavy word processing and production capabilities are limited, which is why I'm creating this blog post on my trusty Macbook Pro.

Anywho, it's been a fortunate Christmas already, and here's my unboxing video! Merry Christmas Eve!