Adventures in Teeth Whitening

Amanda and I bought a package of teeth whitening trays/mouthguards, but the problem with them is you have to keep them in your mouth for 30 minutes each session. Who has 30 minutes of time in the day when you don't need to eat, drink or talk? We happen to have that time period three-fold during our commute! So, we tried teeth whitening in the car. We also tried communicating during the experiment. Here's what happened.

Also, I will never do that again without the luxury of a spit jar or something I can use so that I don't have to swallow the gel that falls out of the tray. All that laughing made my mouth foam.

Are we the nerdiest couple alive? Yes. Will future (and current) generations of Mottola's be embarrassed by this video? Yes. Are our teeth whiter? Yes. It's all worth it.