How I Got My Teva Mountain Game(s) on at Vail, CO

TMG 488 I spent last week at Vail, CO, for Teva Mountain Games, an annual adventure sports event. I shot photos and ran content for E. Bauer. Here's a few of my favorites. Not pictured are my awful tanlines on my calves and chest. Ouch.

Kicking off with some whitewater kayaking by my friends and EB sponsored athletes Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic.

TMG 085

TMG 102

Then I shot Dock Dogs, a competition where dogs compete in big air jumping off of docks. Awesome. This dog below went huge!

TMG 320

This is our company dog, Eddie.

TMG 180

Eddie taking a swim.

TMG 301

Here's a girl doing some kayak tricks for another competition right in downtown Vail.

TMG 375

Here's another person going upside-down, but in a different sport. The bike competitions were insane! Check out the proximity to those chair lifts.

TMG 249

TMG 239

Snow cone break!

TMG 372

Some rock wall climbing. People trying to get those EB backpacks.

TMG 883

A bunch of my coworkers competed in a mud run, which was, well, muddy.

TMG 555

TMG 696

TMG 709

Casualty of war.

TMG 725

You're going to need some floss for that.

TMG 776

Another way to lose the mud - get in the cold-ass stream.

TMG 817

Team photos.

TMG 834

TMG 854

The last event I shot was a 5k dog run. My friend Doreen took Eddie for the run.

TMG 906

And they're off!

TMG 926

TMG 937

Ending this post on something for the ladies. Eat your hearts out.

TMG 952