Equal Servings of Food, Friends and Family

I haven't written a weekend or week recap in awhile, but this last week was especially jam-packed and worth the details. Last Monday was of course Fourth of July and we went out to the Chaffee beach house in Key Center, where I spent many summer days in high school and college. Here's the crew.

On Tuesday we hit up the 6th Ave Farmers' Market, just 3 blocks from our house, and got some dogs at the ever-tasty Red Hot.

On Wednesday we walked to Gibson's, my new favorite frozen yogurt spot. I crave the cake batter flavor like a pregnant woman.

On Thursday, we ate dinner at The Spar, that one Tacoma landmark that I had never made time for. I should have gone years earlier. Excellent pub food.

On Friday, we had a glass of wine at Enoteca and then joined the Chaffee clan for some house-hunting in NE Tacoma and ate some good ol' KFC for dinner. We realized that KFC has never actually served BBQ chicken after some confusion at the drive-thru and a near argument with the attendant manning the microphone. It was a sad struggle for our car full of educated, privileged people not to understand the KFC drive-thru menu.

This image is at the wine bar, not KFC, for those of you wondering.

On Saturday I continued my EPIC cabinet refinishing project. Sanding takes a lifetime. I'll update again with photos when I get the project finished in my next life. After the hard labor, we enjoyed a delish meal courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. CaptainChunk. I also learned that BBQing is technically "smoking" meat whereas BBQing as it is commonly referred to in the Pacific NW is actually grilling. #themoreyouknow

The week wrapped up on Sunday with Art on the Ave -- by far the best festival in Tacoma. It was a great scene with plenty of music, food vendors and a healthy dose of Tacoma pride, including one guy's shirt that simply read "253 > 206." Amazing photo grabbed from the Weekly Volcano.

We bailed from Art on the Ave early to attend my Aunt Rhonda's master's graduation party. She was there forced to concede that even though she's had the handicap of a full-time job and raising three adolescent boys, she finished her degree AFTER I did, therefore making her inferior. I win again!