Doing the Sprinkler Dance

Our old home, built in 1904 has room and rooms for improvement. Yet somehow we inherited, of all things, a sprinkler system. A previous owner had strange priorities or just a simple disdain for yellow grass. A couple of the sprinkler heads had broken over the past year, and I finally made the time to fix them. This, like most recent home improvements, was a new venture.

First, I dug down to the corner connector thingy majigy and removed the broken sprinkler head.


This proved tricky because half the thread on the sprinkler broke inside the corner connector and I literally had to cut it out.


After I removed the broken piece, I had room to screw in a new sprinkler head, test it and fill in the hole.


I may or may not have skipped a few steps of trials and errors and multiple trips to Home Depot to change out wrong-sized replacement pieces. Nevertheless, I’m making it rain now in the front yard. Let’s all celebrate and do the sprinkler! For those who don't know the move, here's a quick lesson.