Walking the Cat

IMG_5237 Among the many activities Amanda and I enjoy, taking long walks around Tacoma ranks high on the list. Now that we have a new, furry family member, our walks have changed -- less hand-holding, more slobber.

We didn't realize that Fabrizio would want to start taking walks, too. He didn't favor them much before. He follows us too far on days that we go to 6th Ave for coffee (too much traffic), but most days he just likes to stroll -- at a safe distance from the dog -- around the neighborhood and walks up to the elementary school with us to cheer on Gianna as she's playing fetch. It's totally bizarre and adorable at the same time.

They still hiss and bark at each other, and we still sigh at them, but the walks are signs of hope. We took some photos during a recent walk to document the phenomenon.




Like a boss. IMG_5276

Fabrizio likes to latch on phone poles for no apparent reason. That's just how he shows off. IMG_5284

Gianna asking why Fabrizio is on a telephone pole again. IMG_5291