Trip Report: Green Mountain

IMG_5994 According to the Washington Trails Association, Green Mountain is the second highest peak on the Kitsap Peninsula. That's not saying much as it tops out at just 1,639 feet, but over our 5 mile round-trip hike and 1,000-foot elevation gain, we broke a sweat.

We drove about an hour from Tacoma to the peninsula to the trailhead. Though rain has been light, mud was on the Gold Creek Trail that we took to the top. On the way down, we took Plummer trail, which was more dry and offered some great views of the Olympics. Enjoy the pictures!





You know you're hardcore when there's a picnic table at the top of your hike. IMG_5986

Do you see Seattle? IMG_5993



Gianna needs to stop blinking in photos. IMG_6012

Gianna took the lead on the way back down. IMG_6023

This was the "wildlife" we spotted. IMG_6026


View of the Olympics from Plummer Trail. IMG_6039