The Aftermath of 'Shit Seattle People Say When It Snows'

I explained how it came to be in an interview with GeekWire. I explained why it worked on my master's program blog, Flip The Media.

I quickly felt overplayed like a Green Day song but am overall happy that I invested the little time and effort to produce those videos. The attention seemed to go away just as fast as the snow melted, and that was fine by me.

There were plenty of haters on YouTube and even a hater in my UW alumni circle who called me "narcissistic" (haven't heard that before!), but as you can see by the YouTube votes, many more people that enjoyed them and I'm glad I contributed to smiles and laughs during this year's snow days.

I enjoyed the reaction my family and friends' reaction to the videos' initial climb in views (now over 300,000 combined) and their dismay when one YouTube commenter said I look like Ryan Gosling (far from the truth, I look more like the Lady Antebellum guy).

Here are links from the coverage I could find, mostly for my own records, and the videos embedded below. Thanks to everyone who spread the word and extended the initial 15 seconds of fame to 15 minutes.