A Long Road Trip to Little Stanley, Idaho

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120706_0053 Last weekend, we drove 22 hours roundtrip to attend the wedding of a friend in Stanley, ID. Yes, 22 hours. We saw A LOT of Washington, Oregon and Idaho in a short period. We left at 3 a.m. on Friday and arrived at beautiful Redfish Lake Lodge at 3 p.m. (We lost an hour to the timezone change). The lodge, and "greater" Stanley, ID (population 63) is a gateway to the Sawtooth Mountains and some great river and lake recreation. I don't think we ever got over the drive-time hangover, but the scenery, sun and good company kept us rallying through the weekend.

When we arrived at the lodge, we went straight for the dock. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120706_0066

Wearing glasses on the dock is totally trendy. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120706_0071

Redfish Lake Lodge is like the Disneyland of Idaho. Kids were everywhere! Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120706_0074

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120706_0076

At the recommendation of a friend, we went to the Stanley Baking Company for breakfast before the wedding. GOOD CALL.

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0089

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0083

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0087

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0086

On to the wedding at Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0108

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0101

I can't take Amanda to a wedding without catching her double-fisting beers. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0129

Two can play that game. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0136

It was nice catching up with our friends Mat, Whitney, Doreen and Kenny (left to right). Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0133

Here comes the bride. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0147

The view wasn't bad. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0153

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0158

I just think the dress pattern in this photo is fun. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0162

Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120707_0171

How to end this blog post? Like our trip back, with hot springs. Idaho Roadtrip Wedding_20120708_0191