Photos: A Weekend in Los Angeles

My cousin Kevin got married a couple weeks ago in his hometown of Los Angeles, and all of my Mom's side of the family flew south to attend. Amanda and I had a little time outside of wedding festivities to sightsee. We crashed at Stay on Main, which was a hostel-like setup with private rooms and shared bathrooms. It wasn't luxurious but it was cost-effective for staying downtown. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121019_0021

We didn't waste time exploring. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121019_0042

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121019_0044

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121019_0050

We ate a couple times at the Nickel Diner. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121020_0061

Mmm...Bacon maple donut... Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121020_0064

Amanda loved the Flower District.

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121020_0073

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121020_0083

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121020_0106

Amanda scored some new shoes for the wedding. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121020_0107

After the wedding, the extended family went out in Santa Monica. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0120

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0121

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0135

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0136

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0138

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0139

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0141

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0148

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0150

Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0160

This is what the Pacific Ocean looks like. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0162

This is Amanda framing herself between strangers. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0167

This is Old Lady-attire in SoCal. Kevin Krystal Wedding_20121021_0168