The Roast of Scott

Scott Roast_20121215_0089.jpg Scott's 30th birthday is later this month, and Courtney and I threw a roast party to celebrate. She, Caitlin, Aubrey and I dished out on Scott to the entertainment of a packed room of friends and family.

If you think about it, people aren't celebrated all that often -- occasionally birthdays, definitely funerals -- and I'm glad Scott felt the love for the big 3-0. Happy birthday, Scott!

(Photos by Amanda.)

Scott Roast_20121214_0008.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0018.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0026.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0044.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0045.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0048.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0051.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0053.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0054.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0057.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0063.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0064.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0075.jpg

Scott Roast_20121214_0079.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0194

Scott Roast_20121215_0106.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0101.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0111.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0116.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0117.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0123.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0124.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0134.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0140.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0165.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0157

Scott Roast_20121215_0167.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0174.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0176.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0149

Scott Roast_20121215_0181.jpg

Scott Roast_20121215_0187

Scott Roast_20121215_0183

Scott Roast_20121215_0184

Scott Roast_20121215_0195