Exploring Vashon Island

Vashon Island Last weekend, Amanda and I braved the fog and took the ferry from Point Defiance to Vashon Island. Neither of us had spent much time on the island (except for a weekend soccer camp I worked at in college), so with (Google) maps in hand we explored!

Aboard the Salish Ferry. Vashon Island_20130121_0023

Vashon Island_20130121_0012

Vashon Island in the distance. Vashon Island_20130121_0017

At Point Robertson on Maury Island. Vashon Island_20130121_0025

Vashon Island_20130121_0028

Vashon Island_20130121_0030

Vashon Island_20130121_0029

We ate a yummy meal at The Hardware Store Restaurant. Highly recommend it. Vashon Island_20130121_0036

We stopped at the old K2 offices, which are now overgrown with moss and on schedule to look like the NYC in I Am Legend. Vashon Island_20130121_0039

Vashon Island_20130121_0040

Vashon Island_20130121_0043

We stopped at several coffee destinations on the island, including The Vashon Island Coffee Rosterie.

Vashon Island_20130121_0045

Vashon Island_20130121_0047

Vashon Island_20130121_0056

Vashon Island_20130121_0061

Vashon Island_20130121_0064

We also made a stop at the Burton Coffee Stand. Vashon Island_20130121_0069

Vashon Island_20130121_0066

Highly-caffeinated, we returned home. Vashon Island_20130121_0021