Beach Camping at Quileute Oceanside Resort in La Push

This past weekend we drove to the Washington State coast on the Olympic Peninsula for some beachside camping at La Push. We stayed on First Beach at Quileute Oceanside Resort and had a great time exploring the local area and making a 40-mile detour to see the Hoh Rain Forest.

The video tells the story!

Here's Amanda posing for the classic shot at Hoh Rainforest. La Push Trip20130713_0067

La Push Trip20130713_0021

La Push Trip20130713_0022

La Push Trip20130713_0025

La Push Trip20130713_0030

Here we are on the Hoh River. La Push Trip20130713_0055

La Push Trip20130713_0057

La Push Trip20130713_0064

This was the scene at First Beach. La Push Trip20130713_0075

La Push Trip20130713_0076

La Push Trip20130713_0081

La Push Trip20130713_0083

La Push Trip20130713_0086

La Push Trip20130713_0089

La Push Trip20130713_0091

La Push Trip20130713_0093

La Push Trip20130713_0095

La Push Trip20130713_0103

La Push Trip20130713_0105

La Push Trip20130713_0107

La Push Trip20130713_0109

La Push Trip20130713_0112

La Push Trip20130713_0125

La Push Trip20130713_0126

La Push Trip20130713_0135

La Push Trip20130713_0139

La Push Trip20130713_0140

La Push Trip20130713_0150

La Push Trip20130713_0161

La Push Trip20130713_0166

We spent the evening hanging out with some Canadian neighbors and roasting marshmallows. Classic! La Push Trip20130713_0170

Finally, here are a couple shots on Third Beach. We made a pit stop at the trailhead and hiked down to the big beach before driving back home. La Push Trip20130714_0175

La Push Trip20130714_0180