A Weekend at Lopez Island

Last weekend we camped in the San Juans on Lopez Island. I originally planned for us to stay on Orcas Island as well, but we caught a later ferry than expected (causing us to be in ferry line in Anacortes for more than six hours!). Here we are, finally in transit. Lopez Island 20130803_0015

Lopez Island 20130803_0021

Amanda has a "Pocahontas eating popcorn" look here. Lopez Island 20130803_0024

We didn't want to stretch ourselves trying to island hop, so we stretched out at our campground at Spencer Spit State Park. We totally posed for this photo, but it turned out great! Look at that view from the campsite! Lopez Island 20130803_0079

The beach nearby was pleasantly sandy where there wasn't seaweed. Lopez Island 20130803_0065

Lopez Island 20130803_0059

Lopez Island 20130803_0086

In the morning, our breakfast of champions included some dry granola and hot coffee thanks to my new Jetboil Sol Titanium Stove. It's a great combination of weight and boiling time if you're considering a backpacking camp stove.

Lopez Island 20130804_0090

Later in the morning we refilled with a second breakfast between Holly B's Bakery and Caffe La Boheme.

Lopez Island 20130804_0099

Lopez Island 20130804_0101

We spent most of the day exploring Spencer Spit. Lopez Island 20130804_0105

Lopez Island 20130804_0108

Lopez Island 20130804_0109

Lopez Island 20130804_0112

This is the photo I get when Amanda takes advantage of me teaching her how to use the camera. Lopez Island 20130804_0125

There are sandy beaches in Washington State! Lopez Island 20130804_0110

This is the view of the campground from the spit. Our camp is furthest right. Lopez Island 20130804_0107

We drove south on the island to check out Watmough Bay. I felt like I was on another continent on that beach. It would be amazing if it wasn't a rocky beach. Lopez Island 20130804_0133

Lopez Island 20130804_0136

What lunch looked like. Lopez Island 20130804_0140

Amanda made me jump in the water. I'm smiling, but the water was freezing and I think I'm actually in shock at this moment. Lopez Island 20130804_0154

We played on an old dock on our way back out. Lopez Island 20130804_0160

Lopez Island 20130804_0170

This was the view at Shark Reef Park. Lopez Island 20130804_0175

Lopez Island 20130804_0176

Lopez Island 20130804_0174

I reacted quick enough to seeing a guy jump in from one of the rocks. I think he was recovering some garbage his child threw in. That's what I call commitment to Leave No Trace! Lopez Island 20130804_0179

In case you're thinking about getting married on Lopez, consider the hay barrel package. Lopez Island 20130804_0184

This is what most of the island looks like by car. Lopez Island 20130804_0185

We stopped by a great little unmanned farm stand on the way back to camp. Lopez Island 20130804_0198

Lopez Island 20130804_0187

Lopez Island 20130804_0193

On our final morning, we woke up to a layer of fog, packed up camp and headed home. We felt rested and thankful we spent all our time seeing so much of Lopez Island.

Lopez Island 20130805_0203

Lopez Island 20130805_0210