Down Goes the Lilac Tree

When we bought our house, it came with some great landscaping. We have a hydrangea bush and Japanese maple in the front beds. On the side of the house, the grass is cut out for more beds centered around a rhododendron and camellia tree. Our back patio was also shaped around a tree as well, but it was a sore sight from the start. The ill-fated Lilac tree bloomed beautifully every April for a few weeks but the rest of the year showed its diseased, bare branches. Cement had been poured into its caverns. The Lilac hadn't been pruned properly in years and had really taken over the functional space of the patio.

I lobbied Amanda for the past few years to take the Lilac down and open more patio space for dining and entertaining. She gave in last year but wanted to see one more bloom.

That bloom came and the Lilac went. Thanks to Dad and Scott for helping with the labor!

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