First Ski Tour on Mount Rainier

I was excited for my first ski tour on Mount Rainier this past Saturday. My friend Jaclyn was celebrating a birthday snowshoeing on the mountain, and I decide to try out my skin set-up. I just put Marker Baron bindings on my Salmon Rocker 2 122s. I got new Scarpa Maelstre RS boots and G3 skins. For snow safety, I picked up a Black Diamond/Pieps set-up and BCA Float 22 backpack. I really didn't need all of that gear, but it was nice to put it all on and figure things out in a low-risk environment.

All that gear made for a slower climb due to the weight of the skis and loaded backpack, but I obviously had a faster descent than snowshoeing! The snow was nice and powdery, which made for some tasty turns.

I loved the work-out, and it was a great way to get on skis for the first time this season.