Faceplant Reunion?

I received an invitation in the mail for Chris Watson's wedding yesterday. I'm stoked about it because it's on Anderson Island and Faceplant (my high school band fronted by Chris, with Danny "Bigheaded Boy" on drums and myself on bass) is reuniting to play at the wedding. Playing in the band is one my best high school memories and I regret that our paths split a few years back and we haven't spoken much since. The brotherhood remains intact though. You can't change that. I'm hoping that we will play a kick ass show for Chris's wedding. I need to start practicing!

Tomorrow Mom is moving Nina up to Bellingham. There's a lot of heavy lifting going on these days. Dad was supposed to help too, but he threw out his back today. He always says he'll be in a wheelchair by the time he's 50. He over-exaggerates. He'll be 51.

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