I Am Freelancer, Here Me Roar

I’m enjoying my mornings this week. Normally I work 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays, but this week I’m covering shifts for someone and am working noon to 9 p.m. Today I’m at the Bagelry enjoying a blueberry bagel with a cinnamon-walnut spread. What a delight. I am reminded why I really want to move downtown this winter. I am a city slicker.

I am finishing up a proposal letter to the Bellingham Herald asking if I could write a story about Mallard Ice Cream & Café for its features section.

Mallard is (1) the greatest ice cream parlor ever and (2) moving around the corner to Railroad Avenue.

I’m hoping to land the story to (1) eat free ice cream and (2) get writing again and gain confidence as a freelancer. A little extra income doesn’t hurt either.

Hopefully more people, especially patrons of the old Web site, have been able to find my new online location. I successfully rerouted the paolospics.rocks.it address to this URL yesterday. If you are looking for pictures, look right and open “Click here to see my latest photos.” I’m going out Thursday and Friday nights, so I should have some good stuff posted this weekend.