Paolo Submits to Apple

DISCLAIMER: I am a happy owner of an iPod.

As my co-workers and bosses partied in San Francisco last week at MacWorld, I sat in my cubicle, listening to my iPod and reading the following article on my PC: "The Media's Crush on Apple." And if you think about it, the headline is true. Apple is the apple of the media's eye.

I swear to God the NYTimes wrote a half dozen articles previewing and reviewing the Nano. Jobs is on the cover of nearly every major newspaper and magazine everytime a new version of iPod is released. Sure, Bill Gates received big coverage for the release of the new Xbox360, but the last Xbox was released six years ago. Apple is releasing a new iPod every six months.

My question is: What happened to the computers? Mac computers are at least as capable as any PC, but who's buying them? The only places where I see Macs are in graphic design departments, Gramp's office and K-12 classrooms.

Which leads to my next question: Why are schools so prone to using Macs? I know schools are saving dollars, but if they want to prepare students, they ought put them in front of a PC because few offices use Macs. I am the case-in-point, working on my PC and listening to my iPod.

The Apple stock has soared, but investors should be worried about a such a large corporation hanging onto a single product, especially when cheaper, flashier MP3 players are coming after the market share. Or maybe they can rest because the media is too in love with Apple to consider any other suitors.