Scott and Courtney on the Jumbotron

Last night, after cooking a magnificent feast for friends and watching a mediocre "American Idol" finale, I received a call from my old high school friend, Theanne.

"I'm at the Mariner's game, and I just saw Scott and Courtney dancing on the JumboTron! It was hilarious!" she said.

Today I called Scott, bracing for the worst. He couldn't have less rhythm if he were deaf. Scott confirmed the news.

"It was my worst moment of the last year," Scott said of the event. "You know I'm not the best dancer, and it was totally embarrassing... It was the one day Courtney didn't wear make-up, too."

On a side note, Scott and I just scored a 3.57 GPA for our first semester in the MBA program at the University of Montana. I say "we" scored the GPA because Scott goes to the classes, but then I end up writing or editing his papers. Keep in mind that Scott graduated from Western with a 2.9, without my assistance.