Last week, Katrine found an inquiry about herself in the Lovelab missed connections section of "The Stranger." It read:

Pancate at Sunset Bowl 5/18
PANCATE is the name you bowled under. Thurs nite 5:18 at Sunset bowl. You- beautiful redhead in green shirt. Me - light blue shirt in lane next to you. Followup eye contact with coffee?

Katrine told me that she didn't remember who the guy was, but her friend said it was certainly a guy in the lane next to them who was there with a large family.

"Go for it and meet the guy," I told Katrine.

"If he's bold enough to put an ad in 'The Stranger' he should have been bold enough to come up and talk to me then," she said.

"I wouldn't go and hit on a girl in front of my entire family," I replied.

"Good point," she said.

Ironically, our conversation then turned to the difficulty and lack of opportunity to meet people outside of school.