Matt v Matt: Tempers Flare

Weekend Report: On Friday, Matt came up to visit. Matt has a tendency to force me to drink large amounts of gin. I fought him and drank beer instead. At the Beaver, he and Matt from j-school got into a ridiculous political argument. Cari and I sat back and laughed at them as tempers flared.

Mom, Sergio, Jessica (Sergio's girlfriend) and Simon (Mom's dog) came into town Saturday morning. Simon is basically the worst dog on a leash I have ever seen in my life. We later met up with Nina's fiance David and attended Nina's dance recital. Dance recitals are OK for about one hour, but after two hours, I'm scratching out my eyeballs. After recital, we all went to Mallard's for ice cream. I realized that I am the eldest sibling and am the only single sibling. This is wrong and needs to be fixed. I know Darwin is disappointed in me.

On Sunday morning, I grabbed the Seattle Times and went the Bagelry for breakfast. I spent two hours reading the paper, which was relaxing. Katrine got me into doing crossword puzzles, but, because I'm not as good as her, that activity was short-lived. The rest of Sunday was dedicated to watching "Lost." I'm slightly obsessed with the show. Considering the weather was crappy, it was my most entertaining option.

Oh, and I also napped all afternoon. I like napping.