The problem with using your neighbors' wireless Internet connection is that when they move, you're screwed. July 1 is a popular annual lease contract date and I'm feeling the full effect of it. Hopefully the new neighbors will set up new unsecure wireless connections soon.

This weekend:

  • I went to my uncle's house on Lake Ki in Arlington on Saturday. The water was great. I took some excellent pictures of Dad doing flips off the diving board. My mom's dog tried swimming and almost drowned. He's an idiot. The dog has no instincts.
  • My long-lost high school friend Wesley came up to visit. We went running around Lake Padden and I kicked his ass in a sprint. I am one fast mofo. He kicked over the course of the 3-mile run because he's a psycho cross-country runner. He even went around a second time, which was fine because I opted to sunbathe and hit on a girl instead.
  • I had band practice with NoPAT last night. The songs are coming together and we brought in a new guitarist who can absolutely wail like Eric Clapton reincarnate. I was wowed.

Today I'm confirming a recording session for focuspoint up here August 12. I'm trying to score a gig at the Rogue that night, too. FYI, I will NOT be playing in the focuspoint acoustic show this Friday, but I will be down south this weekend. Now to make some plans for the Fourth of July...