Greek Adventure, Part 2: We made it through the night, barely.

We were the only ones in the terminal. We slept uncomfortably, as you can see.

Dad and I went on an exploration and noticed little to no security in many areas of the airport. I can confidently say that this airport shows no "heightened security" since 9/11. We were able to get back through security at the the international wing without showing ID or boarding passes. You can run around this place the same way you would Haggen at 1 a.m.

If we're here, where else can hell be?

In an unexplainable stroke of genius, Nina managed to do what four Delta agents didn't -- She found a faster route to get us to Athens. So, we're heading to D.C. soon and connecting through Atlanta to get out of the country. We're saving six hours going this route -- and all Nina did was go to to make it happen.

Next time I check in, I should be in Greece, finally.