Greek Adventure, Part 5: Get Ya Stunna Shades On

I finally broke down and bought a pair of "stunna shades." For all of you behind the times, stunna shades are basically women's sunglasses. They're all the rage here. Watch out ladies. With my stunnas, sudden burst of freckles and tan, you're defenseless. I dare you to see me when I get home.

Where were we... So the other day the family and I took this super-fast ferry, which would basically run circles around Washington ferries, to an island called Santorini. Although it sounds like a martini, it is infact an island. The island had tiny towns on top of huge cliffs and many homes are built into the cliffs. It's quite romantic.

We rented a van (not so romantic) on the island and Dad managed to get around non-stop hairpin turns and crazy drivers. It was a little stressful. We stopped at a great little town called Thira. The shopping there was noteworthy. Many women I know could have hurt themselves there (Read: Moos and Courtney with Scott's credit card). We also went to a beach with black sand and caves before calling it a day.

On the ferry coming back, I sat next to an Aussie named Yanni. Don't picture the musician. Picture a bodybuilder dude with Joe Dirt's style. We talked about the following:

  • Women: He met a hot Aussie chick on Santorini and he was angry he couldn't stay. I pointed out the irony of having to travel half way around the world to find someone from he liked from his hometown of Melbourne.
  • Our jobs: He's a personal trainer. I'm a writing trainer, sort of.
  • Music: He and everyone else in world listens to dance/techno music. It's terrible. I told him so.
  • The war in Iraq: He felt bad for us.
  • The World Cup: He was in Germany during the tournament and said it was rad.
  • Currency: We're both getting screwed by this Euro exchange.
  • I did not tell him he looks like Joe Dirt.

On the way off the ferry I met another Aussie (didn't catch her name) who has traveled to 16 countries in 18 months. I want to be her when I grow up.

Last night, we went downtown to see some nightlife and Holy Shit on a Stick I have never seen so many bars so busy on a Tuesday night. I'd be lucky to see that many people out in Belltown on a Friday night. I took some video that I'll post when I get back home. In the meantime, you'll have to settle with the picture. There I am, enjoying a coffee and amaretto at an old schoolhouse that's converted into a bar. What a concept.