Greek Adventure, Part 4: It's a Celebration, Beaches!

It's day five and I'm in the vacation zone. I love the mornings here because we eat this incredible yogurt and fresh fruit and drink espresso. I learned how to make espresso on the stove and I think I can give Katrine a run for her money now.

We've gone to a couple beaches called Alexander (very original name) and Herissonisos (a cool reef area). Today we're going to a beach called Akti, which is also a very popular night spot. I am without an international driver's license or a wingman here (Where's Scott or Matt when I need them?), so my night outings are limited.

Yesterday we went to the market downtown. It's called Loiki and it's run by gypsies. It was kind of like a gigantic farmer's market. The food is incredibly cheap.

Sergio and I have taken hundreds of pictures already but, due to technical difficulties, you all are going to have to wait to see them, or should plan on seeing me soon. I'm off to the beach. Happy belated birthday Ally and Keeley!