Greek Adventure, Part 7: A Tale of Two Cities

For Sergio's 16th birthday, we went to Star Beach Village in Hersonissos in the morning. It was a resort reminscent of an MTV Spring Break. Look at that picture. Sergio couldn't have seen more topless women if I took him to a dozen strip clubs in the States. I told my parents, "Just leave me here."

Admission was free and we got on all the slides for $10 a person. The place had a bangin' sound system and the DJ played contemporary hip hop. It was a step up from other places that played George Michaels all day. The women were all 20-somethings and plentiful. The pools were amazing. I can't say anymore. I'm still recovering, and I'm subject to post-traumatic Star Beach Village syndrome. Look for my "Unfair Greek Advantage" blog about the women on Crete later.

Despite my request, my parents wouldn't leave me at Star Beach Village, and we went up to a mountain village called Avdou in the evening. This was the old Greece you see in the postcards and National Geographic magazines. Men smoke at the cafe, fiddling with worry beads. Old women wear black dresses and shawls, carrying groceries with one hand and leaning on canes with the other. Of course, I didn't bring my nice camera to the most photogenic place on this whole trip. I intend to go back on Monday to take pictures.

My aunt and Emmanuel have a stone house in Avdou where his father and grandfather grew up. The house was tiny, but cozy. Some neighbor women competed with each other, giving us baked goods they made. One woman gave me some blessed bread, which is supposed to give me good luck for the next year. That's a good thing considering the year I've had.

In conclusion, the two destinations couldn't have been more different. I'm crossing my fingers that I can go back to Avdou with my camera. And next time I'm at Star Beach Village, just leave me there.