Greek Adventure, Part 8: Random Notes

Earthquake!: Last night I experienced my first Cretan earthquake. My sixth sense was in tune because I was dreaming about watching fireworks and, right when one of them exploded, I woke up to the island rumbling. I felt the earth move under my feet. I felt the sky falling down, tumbling down. The last time I was in an earthquake I was in the cafeteria at Stadium High School. I vividly remember the thud of bricks hitting the ceiling and diving under the table. Ally pushed Nick Snapp out of the way to get under our table, causing Nick to scurry across the room to another table. I had to question Ally's priorities thereafter.

Strength in Numbers: I've discovered a new alcoholic beverage here that I like. It's called raki and weighs in at about 40 percent alcohol if you buy it at the store. However, the homemade raki I've been drinking is basically moonshine, and I'm guessing 50 percent alcohol would be a conservative measure of its potency. If not raki, I'll drink homemade red wine, which weighs in at 25 to 30 percent alcohol and does not give you a hangover because of the lack of sulfites. At the beach I often drink Amstel beer, which is the most popular beer and inexpensive beer. Budweiser is the most expensive beer you can buy -- often double the price of an Amstel. What's water?

Karma: The Washington State Supreme Court upheld the ban on gay marriage. Mel Gibson got a DUI. The prophecies held true. Mel Gibson was the Chosen One. He's brought balance to The Force.