Greek Adventure, Part 9: The Black Plague

In the mid-14th century, The Black Plague diseased and killed one-half to two-thirds of Europe's population. (Paolo has a history minor!) We may not be dealing with sickness to that degree, but my family is dealing with its own European health issues.

Dad's had a fever for the past couple days and has basically been chilling (literally having chills) in bed the whole time -- and isn't happy about it. Who would be? Yesterday I contracted pink eye in both eyes. Mom calls it "conjunctivitis," which I think better describes one's tendency to use too many conjunctions (and, but, or) in writing, rather than creating seperate sentences. Either way, my eyes are itchy.

I'm doing my best Ray Charles impression over here, trying to walk around with my eyes closed (so basically I'm breaking shit) and tuning into my other senses. Taste is such a worthless sense for all intents and purposes of basic survival. Thankfully we're in a "social medicine" country, so Dad went to go see a doctor today and it's not costing us a dime. Pharmicist's don't need perscriptions here so I'm heading to the pharmacy later to get some drugs. You literally just walk up to the place and say, "I want that," point to what you're talking about, and the pharmacist hands it to you. It's a sweet deal.

To end on a happy note, here's picture I took around the corner from my aunt's house...