Greek Adventure, Part 10: The Party's Over

After another long couple of flights and almost another airport disaster, I finally made it back home. Bring on the jet lag!

The last couple of days in Greece were pretty low-key as Dad was trying to get better before the flight home. I was a little antsy on the flight from Athens to New York. Eleven hours is a long time to be on a plane.

Our connection at JFK was a little sketchy. You might recall from my first "Greek Adventure" posts that I hate JFK Int'l Airport with all of my heart and soul because we missed our flight to Athens, didn't get any compensation and then had to spend the night in the airport -- causing us to lose a 1.5 vacation days.

The problem came when we were waiting for our baggage to pick up so that we could get through US Customs and re-check it in for a domestic flight. The baggage took way too long to get on the conveyer belt, causing a lot of people to miss their connections. We grabbed our bags at what seemed like the last minute and headed to U.S. Customs. Luckily (and a bit concerning), this was a fast process. U.S. Customs at JFK is a joke. The guy at the kiosk just stamped the passports and let us through. I could have snuck a small child past this guy.

After this poor excuse for national security, we once again had to sprint through JFK (like we did three weeks prior) to catch our Seattle flight. Talk about deja vu.

Long story short, I'm back and this concludes the "Greek Adventure" saga on the blog. I'll get back to offering insight and whining about current events soon. I know you all missed that (read: Gramps and Matt). In the meantime, please enjoy the following videos from the vacation and be sure to check out my Greece pictures at Flickr.

The Prassas House...

Nightlife in Heraklion...

The Avdou House...