Sometimes you have to break the monotony of work by pretending to be a dog, just before the CEO of the publicly traded company that just bought your company introduces himself.

As many of you know, my days working at the Ferndale offices of PRWeb are counting down. I'm in awe of the resistance my co-workers have had to my departure. It's a Che Guevara-esque spirit. I was flattered when they put "Paolo Can't Leave" signs up around the building. I am in slight fear that Cari & Co. will hold me at knife-point and threaten my life for leaving, but this has yet to happen.

I'm having no trouble at all finding people to take over my lease in Bellingham. I live at a very, very popular place. I put up an ad on the other night and within 12 hours I had eight people who wanted to see the apartment. I think I'll have someone locked in early next week.

I'll be moving to Ballard and living with Katrine and Moos. Katrine is working her ass off trying to get us a place and I really appreciate her hard work in between making out with boys and brewing coffee. Moos and I are in talks about sharing a U-Haul to move our stuff down, but we have to learn about move-in dates first. Moos, have your people call my people.

This is a good move for me to be closer to the friends and family I love and swim in a bigger pond, if you will. Watch out Seattle, here I come!