I had an eventful weekend. My band focuspoint recorded a demo on Saturday. You can listen to the songs on our MySpace page. We'd love some feedback. Thanks to those who already gave us their ideas. I think we'll be back in the studio next month to finish the job.

Later Saturday night, after some drinks at Boundary Bay, we played a great show at Chiribins. Our set was tight, and we stuck around to listen to the other bands, Bad Lucas and Armonikos. After closing the bar, most of our group went to our friend Luke's house for a party, but Chris (guitarist), Kristen (groupie), Danny (drummer, groupie) and I were tired and opted for Russian dumplings from Pel'meni instead.

On Sunday I did go over to Luke's house for a small party. There I met Luke's roomate named Stabbin Hobo. Make your mental pictures now, and be sure to include a kilt. Stabbin Hobo just got back from Flowmotion's Summer Meltdown, which is basically a retro-psychedlic concert/hippie festival near Arlington. Several thousand (often naked) hippies attended the concert and, combined, could have filled a pharmacy with recreational drugs. Stabbin Hobo said he got his orgy fix at the festival, which couldn't have been too hard. Naked hippies + drugs = sex. Needless to say, Stabbin Hobo's stories kept me entertained.

My rock stardom weekend has come to a close and I'm back in the work week. I'm looking forward to seeing roomates-to-be Katrine and Moos tonight. Hopefully, we'll have a celebratory drink for landing a house or apartment in Ballard today or tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed.