Bellingham just won't be the same without...

Casa Que Pasa (those of you thinking "Paolo" get points, too). According to the Bellingham Herald, which receives points as well for writing its own story, rather than stealing one from the AP (but loses points for spelling Matt DeVeau's name wrong in the article):

"The restaurant, owned by Abel Jordan under the name Advanced Renovations LLC, owes the Department of Revenue $44,452 in unpaid taxes and penalties, according to documents filed at Whatcom County Superior Court. The company also has several federal tax liens, including $42,123 filed against it by the Internal Revenue Service in May 2005 and a $6,625 lien filed in April."

As a result, Casa had its business license revoked by the Washington State Department of Revenue and was shut down earlier this month.

Casa gained some press last December for openly detesting the state-wide smoking ban and earned international respect for its high-quality, low-cost burritos. I have fond memories, some blurred by tequila, of the restaurant. After meeting in the dorm, Matt and I ate our first meal together there. It was at that meal when I decided I would groom Matt into the womanizer he is today.

Let us all have a moment of silence for Casa's potent margaritas and potato burritos.