The media jumps on and off stories like its playing hopscotch, and, just when I become interested in a story, it gets dropped. I'm left hanging like the storyline at the end of a "Lost" episode.

This leads me to ask, "Whatever happened with..."

  • ... the Avian Flu. Weren't we all supposed to be dead by now?
  • ... Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Aren't there people still living in FEMA trailers?
  • ... government wiretapping. Did I miss out on some prosecutions?
  • ... Valerie Plame and anonymous sources. Is is safe for me to publish an article yet?
  • ... Sadaam's trial. How does this receive less coverage than the O.J. Simpson trial?
  • ... Mexican immigration. Did anything happen with border security? Can we sing the national anthem in Spanish now?
  • ... Dick Cheney. Did he shoot another friend recently?