I've begun my last work week at PRWeb, and the hunt begins for my Seattle job. Actually, I've applied to approximately 15 companies, to no avail, within the last couple weeks. While I'm not fresh out of college, I don't have the "preferred five years agency experience" that most places are looking for. I'm hoping by the end of September I'll have a job set up. If not, I'll be serving food, I'm sure.

I did get everything moved into the "Ballard Burrow" over the weekend. Moving is a bitch. I basically almost killed myself getting my furniture into the U-Haul on Friday. Thankfully, Nina was there to help with some of the larger items. I was suprised by how much she could lift. What a beast.

Moos drove the U-Haul after she loaded her furniture and I followed her to Seattle. Katrine, Matt and Wes helped us unpack late Friday night. I went on a late night walk with the guys to explore the neighborhood that night. What a location! A 24-7 QFC is just around the corner. Market Street, two blocks away, is loaded with restaurants, coffee shops, banks, gyms, a movie theater and lots of night spots. Katrine's new shop, Cafe Fiore, is within walking distance, too.

I spent most of the day Saturday unpacking and setting up. The Ballard Burrow will dominate.

Saturday night, focuspoint had a gig in Tacoma. We came. We played. We conquered.

I drove back to Ballard Sunday morning to unpack and hang out with KaMoos (Katrine and Moos). I'm really happy with how much we accomplished in such a short time. KaMoos are excellent interior decorators and our place looks like a rainforest with all of the plants they loaded into the place. Pictures will come soon, my dears. I'll be down in Ballard for good late Thursday night or Friday, just in time for Bumbershoot!