In the city that's been waiting to blow since "Big Butts" and "Teen Spirit"...

...I've been making music. You'll soon hear it. I'm going back into the studio with the band tomorrow, which should be a nice break from the stress of the job hunt. I thought I actually had some marketable experience, but I'm coming up short like Shaq at the foul line. I do have a lead with, so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be employed in Dot Com Land again soon.

In the mean time, I've been hanging out with Katrine non-stop and working on photographs (like the one above) for a gallery that I will be displaying in our hallway. Exciting stuff. I also went out to Mona's (in Fremont) for half-off bottles of wine with Sarah and Jeanna the other night. I particularly enjoyed Sarah's observation that she often finds her drinks "either full or completely empty" and Jeanna's story about a new gay bar where straight men will work and wear colorful shirts that read "Forbidden Fruit."

People in Seattle I still need to see include:

  • Shelter girls
  • Chris Brown
  • Theanne
  • Willoughby

If I haven't seen you and your name is not on the list, then it is of the utmost priority that you contact me immediately, for I have not seen you in some time and have forgotten about you. I'm off to band practice. Hooray.