Matt was in town this weekend, and on Saturday night we met Sarah and Jeanna in Queen Anne. They wanted to go to a couple bars on Capitol Hill. They offered to pay for the taxi. OK. We're game.

Well, at the end of the night, everyone got scattered. Matt and I lost the girls and needed to get back to Ballard. We didn't want to pay a $35+ cab fare, so we decided to walk back to Queen Anne and catch a taxi from there.

And so the long walk began. Our route is detailed in the map above. By the time we got to Queen Anne, few taxis were still on the road and we couldn't stop the few that we saw. They were probably driving home for the night. So, we continued our trek to Ballard. We actually jogged for a while because it was getting so late. I don't want to see 4 a.m. like that again.