Dear Google,

I've learned that, in your quest to monopolize the Internet, you recently purchased YouTube for $1.67 billion. Congratulations. To assist your efforts in achieving world domination, I'd like to offer you the next piece of the puzzle: my blog, Word Is Born.

YouTube was started by two 20-somethings in February 2005 and draws an audience of nearly 75 million people monthly. I created WIB in August 2005, just after YouTube went live, and the blog draws an audience of approximately 75 people monthly. The numbers speak for themselves. WIB is an asset to gain.

Unlike the YouTube creators, I already have experience in Internet acquisitions. I worked at PRWeb for a year, enhanced its value, and the company sold for approximately $28 million in August.

Sure, you might be thinking, "I already own Blogger, which hosts Word Is Born, so what's the point?" Good question. The blog's intellectual property is the value here. Some might say it's priceless, but I can part with it for only $1.19 million.

I look forward to speaking with you further about this acquisition. You know how to contact me. You host my email account.