I'm on board. I'm voting No on Referendum 1 this November. The referendum asks voters if they favor a recent City Council law requiring patrons of adult-entertainment clubs to sit at least four feet away from dancers. While I'm not for turning Seattle into one big Red Light District, I don't want Seattle to turn into Salt Lake City either.

The Seattle Citizens for Free Speech (aka strip club owners) has launched a huge campaign to support disposing the four-foot rule, which was enacted along with other outrageous rules by Mayor Greg Nickels and City Council after a judge ruled the city's 17-year moratorium on new clubs unconstitutional. The interest group has compiled a ton of information on its Web site and launched a few of commercials, like the following:

It's true. Seattle police do have better things to do than measure how far away dancers are from patrons or determine if the lighting in a club is bright enough. Are these restricitions just an excuse for Seattle police to be in strip clubs?

I have a little brother who'll be 18 in a couple years. I'll have buddies getting married. Where could I take them if the strip clubs go out of business because of these ridiculous restrictions? And where could Brother Bear go? I don't want to face the alternatives, and I don't see any major problems with strip clubs the way they have been functioning for decades. If you don't like 'em, don't go. I'm voting No on Referendum 1.