Now that I feel I'm close to becoming employed again (crossing fingers), I decided to re-visit my former employer's Web site to try and remember what it's like working full-time (It's been so long!). In my research, I discovered some blog posts by my former colleagues that I had not read. They were written in my honor and, since I haven't boasted myself in some time, I'll republish some of these excepts without permission:

From Terry: "Paolo has been a constant source of amusement since I came to PRWeb. He really made an impression on me when Captain Kathy and Nicole happened to have the same day off around Christmas time last year. Paolo swaggered into the office, propped his feet up on the desk and announced since he was the senior editor, that he was in charge. Shades of Alexander Haig..."

From Al: "PRWeb editor Terry and recent officemate to the resident Italian, spearheaded a going away party and roast to honor the Ego and it’s small orbiting oddly misshapen planetoid called Paolo...

Paolo countered with a beautifully executed roast of his own against his officemates and broke into song with his guitar. It was a tear jerker.

As most insiders to PRWeb know, Paolo was the creative genius for the editors shed - The BrownHouse. In fact most of the things that can be said in praise about Paolo actually can’t (or at the very least shouldn’t) be repeated publicly."

Oh, how I miss office dynamics! The next unsuspecting office shouldn't be so lucky to have me!