In case you were too busy text messaging to notice, Gov. Christine Gregoire signed the nation's first law on Friday to ban DWT -- driving while texting.

According to the NY Times article, "Mobile texters in the United States sent 158 billion messages last year, up 95 percent from 2005." (Nina, Sergio and Courtney are reportedly responsible for nearly 1 billion of these. ) That's a lot of text messaging, and certainly more than a few of these occurred while driving.

As many of you now shiver with remorse, gladly willing to trade in your driver's license before your phones, fear not. It's a weak law. DWT is only a secondary offense, meaning that the police cannot pull you over for DWT, but they can give drivers tickets if they have already committed another traffic offense. So don't run a stop sign while texting, OK?

Lastly, the fine for DWT is only $101. Hell, I know Shelter girls who pay more than that a month for just for bouncing checks.