Dear Adam Corolla,

Do me a favor and fire Danny Bonaduce. I tune into your show everyday on my way into work, but everything about Bonaduce annoys the hell out of me. Nothing he says is funny. I hate how he one-ups everyone else's stories on your show. I don't care if he's been married, divorced, homeless, in and out of rehab a dozen times, or how he's so rich now that he shits quarters.

Do you keep this guy on your show to contrast how funny and intelligent you and Teresa Strosser are in comparison? Trust me, that's not necessary. I knew from your days on Loveline and various MTV and Comedy Central Shows that you are The Man (Show).

At least consider a replacement. I laugh for days when David Allen Grier makes his occasional appearances. His Maya Angelou voice is magical. Or bring back Dave Dameshek. His humor contrasted yours and Teresa's well and his groundbreaking "Jerk List" exposed a segment of this society that had never been so deservedly recognized and emasculated.

C'mon Adam, fire Bonaduce. He shames your show and is a total jerk!