I've had to be on Microsoft campus for meetings quite early these last couple days for some important meetings, and the stress really showed last night...

After working 7 to 7 yesterday, I crashed on my bed when I got home. I woke up and saw that my clock read 8:15. Ah! I freaked out because I had to be on an uber important call that I was supposed to hosting at 8 a.m. this morning at Microsoft. I jumped out of bed and put on jeans for no reason, only to get from my room to the bathroom. Moos was in the bathroom when I frantically exclaimed that I needed to get in there to hop in the shower.

Moos immediately jumped out of the bathroom, puzzled as to why I was so distressed because it was 8:15 p.m.

I had slept for just more than 30 minutes and I was thrown off by the daylight being too similar between the morning and evening. Later, Moos, Katrine and I came to the conclusion that I must have been sleepwalking because the whole scene is a little hazy in my memory and, after Moos told me that it was the evening, I crashed on the couch and fell back to sleep.

We had a good laugh about it, and I made it to Microsoft on time today for that call, thank God.