This weekend I ventured with Moos and Jenny halfway across the state to visit Moos' hometown of Prosser and attend the 26th annual Prosser Wine and Food Fair in the heart of Washington wine country.

Prosser has to be the smallest town I'd ever spent time in, but I've got to say that it was very cute and quaint, with wide streets and well-manicured homes. There's not a heck of a lot going on "downtown" (the block with a restaurant and two bars), but the Wine and Food Fair (appropriately named) kept the weekend interesting.

In nearly ideal weather, blue skies and high 80s, we strolled around the corner from Moos' home to the Prosser High School's football field, the location of the fair.
We bought our "scrip" (Prosser language for "tickets") at the gate, which was the currency for purchasing wine from the vendors. Tickets were 50 cents a piece and two tickets bought you a half a glass of wine. We spent $20 each. Do the math. We got hammered. Red wines, white wines, champagne, oh my!

On our way to Hangover-Headache Land, we ran into several college friends. God knows why I know so many people from a town of 5,000.
And oh did that wine catch up to Moos, turning her into her alter-ego, VonDrunk.
More pictures from the weekend are here.