Everyone pour a dose for one of PRWeb's finest, Al Castle.

Al is retiring from his CIO position at PRWeb after a couple years during which he almost completed total world annihilation. For details of this plan, watch the new Die Hard movie.

In all seriousness, he was integral in PRWeb's success and innovation in the online newswire space. (Read more about how PRWeb reinvented the online PR wheel in a CNN Money/Fortune article here.) He also is one of the most dedicated goofballs ever, and it's surprising that the original PRWeb "brown building" still stands after our combined efforts to uphold lunacy there over the course of a year. Xboxing only contained us momentarily.

Al is reportedly moving from building codes to building sandwiches at the Ferndale Subway. Good luck, Al! I'll take a Subway Melt. No mayo and hold the olives!