Ciao from Cinque Terra! I have spent most of the day at the beach relaxing after a whirlwind day yesterday.

I took the train from Interlaken to Bern to Milan, but I did not feel well on the train (a little nautious from the height and motion sickness). Then I got to Milan and basically got hasseled by assholes the entire time. I got to Il Duomo and it but it was under renovation and is half covered in scaffolding. The one hostel I was aiming for was also closed for renovations, so I decided to skip ahead on my trip and head to Genova, home of Christopher Columbus.

This was a bit of a risk because it was fairly late in the day already and I was concerned about having to sleep on a park bench once I got into Genova. But alas I figured out the bus system, thanks to some Albanians, and found my way up the hill to Ostello (Hostel) Genova by 20:00. It was a shithole, but at least I had a bed for the night. This morning I got up early to head to Cinque Terra. Waiting for the bus, I met this dude named Christian. He is an Italian-American from Philly and basically he has been my guide here because he speaks Italian well. We split a hotel room just a few blocks up from the beach. This place is paradise. I will definitely be here a few nights. I will update you all with more from here tomorrow. More beach time!

- Paolo