Hi all,

Last night, I had an amazing dinner. That is, the food was amazing. Eel linguine with prawns... Mmm. However, my roomate Christian and I met up with some other Americans and they were absolute assholes at the restaurant. They had no respect for the culture or language and maintained a fratboy mentality and practice in this place, which doesn't deserve it. We ditched them and drank a bottle of homemade wine from an old dude named Benjamin who lives across from our hotel. His limoncello was excellent, too.

Skipping to today, Christian, Serena and I hiked the entire Cinque Terra, city to city. Incredible. Six hours of hiking. The words I could write here aren't worthy of the experience. It deserves an in person explanation, truly. Afterward, we hit the beach for a couple hours and had Appertizi (small appertizers like olives and chips with a sweet alcohol drink) at a local restaurant. Appertizi is THE SHIT and I am instituting it at the Ballard Burrow upon my return. We met a couple girls from London named Polly and Lindsey at the restaurant and played cards before being told that we could not play cards because the business did not have a gambling license. What the hell? You can serve 16-year-olds grappa (think everclear) at the bar, but you can't play cards? Weird. I am off to dinner now. One more full day in Monterosso (Cinque Terra's most northern city). I am looking forward to more beach time tomorrow, then off to Tuscany and wine tours before Roma!

Buona serata,