The weather in Seattle for Sept. 4: 60 degrees and raining. The weather in Cinque Terra for Sept. 4.: 75 degrees and sunny. Woo hoo! Actually, last night we had some crazy thunder showers, but it's all blue skies now, fortunately.

Today is my last big beach day here at Cinque Terra before I head south. Christian and I will be on the lookout for what we call "iPods." iPods are women who carry on the rich but declining cultural tradition of sunbathing topless. We gave them the name "iPods" in honor of the first topless woman we noticed on the beach. She was listening to her iPod, with blue earbuds that striking contrasted her yellow bikini bottoms. This woman had a side torso tattoo of a snake. At that moment we understood how Adam was so tempted in the Garden of Eden.

Off for cafe forte now. Ciao!