OMFG, canyoning was amazing, and I made it back in one piece. We (18 people total) decended 900 feet in about five hours. We repelled a few times but mostly jumped 30-40 feet into small pools and slid down 80-90 foot chutes. SO DOPE. My knee gave out a bit at the end, but I figure the adrenaline of it all kept any pain out of mind most of the way. I would definitely do it again.

Today I took it easy and hung out up at Grimmelwald, a small village way up in the mountains. Tonight I'm heading back to Zurich to catch my plane back to the States.

I can't believe the trip is over, but I've seen so much. I've kept MUCH more detailed notes as I've journaled through this trip than I've posted on this blog this far, so when I get home I'll furiously type them up and post them incrementally with photos.

Now I have a few thank you's to hand out:

  • Thank you wives for holding down the Ballard Burrow.
  • Thank you Katrine for lending me the backpack.
  • Thank you Beth Evans for giving me the Rick Steves travel items.
  • Thank you to all those who helped funding in some way. You know who are.
  • Thank you Lonely Planet for the guidebook, which only failed me twice.
  • Thank you New Balance for the dope shoes.
  • Thank you Scott for picking me up at the airport tomorrow.
  • Finally, thank you Paid Vacation.

Sorry if I forgot anyone. Thanks for keeping up here and commenting. I'll see you all on the other side.

- Paolo