As Jay-Z said, "I'm back, been around the world..."

I have approximately 1,200 photos of the trip, and the wives will have to sit through seeing all of them tonight! Mu ha ha ha! I will be getting to post-processing and resizing them asap so that I can begin to post them here.

I have been catching up on news today as I'm taking a break from reading my 800+ emails at work. So far I've found:

  • O.J. Simpson is an absolute lunatic.
  • Yelling at John Kerry will get you tasered in Florida.
  • The Federal Reserve cut interest rates.

Any other news I should know about from the last few weeks?

Aside from unpacking and doing laundry, I'm hoping to catch up with you all soon. I'll be in Tacoma Saturday to attend Michelle's wedding (and possibly get a tattoo???). Aside from that, I'm going to pick up a new TV for Halo 3 and all the wonderful Fall sports -- Serie A soccer, college football, Seahawks, etc. Who's down for an Office Season 3 marathon?!